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Why Urban Fitness?

Urban Fitness offers an experience that is a far cry from any of the other health clubs and fitness centers in town. By joining Urban Fitness you gain a personal 1 on 1 relationship with a highly qualified personal trainer who cares about your needs, and your fitness success. By joining an Urban Fitness Group class you become part of a family of all ages and body types who work hard on their health. This will help motivate you to stay committed to your health as well. 

Club Members

The Urban Fitness family is a diverse group of people who are motivated to get into shape, and do what they need to do to get there. Everybody comes to class to focus on their own improvement and it is a common sight to see families working out together in any given class. Our club members burn up to 500 calories per class! Click Here to see what some of our members have to say!


Group Workouts

The Urban fitness method is based on Combat, Cardio, Strength training. Each class is geared towards progressive circuit style routines that can be performed by people of all fitness levels. Some combat oriented exercises mixed into the circuits help keep your heart pumping and burning fat for the duration of the class. Included in class packages are complimentary diet plans that will keep you on track. The results are simple and speak for themselves. With Urban Fitness you can Shed Fat, Lose Inches, and Gain Muscle Tone.

Why Else?

Urban Fitness works from the inside out. We will change your views about what it means to be healthy and fit. Fitness is not about bulging muscles and vanity contests, fitness is about function. Other benefits include convenient morning classes, a noticeable attitude boost, and a welcoming environment that is conspicuously lacking in hard-bodies and models. Urban Fitness is for the real people of the Las Vegas Valley. Urban Fitness is for you. 

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